About us

Steinruck & Co. is a home based small business, minority owned and locally operated by a 43 year native of Richmond, VA,

Kimberly Steinruck, owner/founder of

Steinruck & Co., LLC.

I am Kimberly and can't wait for you to try my scrumptious cookies! We have a variety of choices with more coming soon, so keep visiting us so that you don't miss the next great flavor/choice. Due to the large amount of flavors, morsels and fruit toppings, I was not able to put every possible variation on this site. However, we would love to hear from you if you do not see your combination or flavor choice on our website.

All of the butter cookies are called Doughbeater's, but:

when you choose to add morsels, they become Lil' Polly's Doughbeater's;;

when you choose to add a fruit topping/dip, they become Lil' Billy's Doughbeater's;;

if you want the bottom dipped in chocolate, they become Teapot's Serenity Doughbeater's;

when you choose a specialty cookie, they are Kimberly's Favorites.

While the Steinruck name is of German descent, the entire Steinruck family is full of multiple races and ethnicities.

Therefore, Steinruck & Co. strongly supports Equality for all races, genders, personal life choices and is striving to earn the revenue needed to show it's support to a number of causes for research and/or awareness for the following (just for starters):

Equality, Chiari Malformation, PCOS, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Single Parents, Cancer

A special thank you to all of my kids, Tiera, Taressa and Edward (Ray) Britton, for being........ my everything: I love you all!

Shout out to Eileen Krieg for making me search for cookies that are not available in stores, Taronce Frederick for your support and help, and last but not least,

my sisters, Gina Steinruck- Higgs and Rebecca Steinruck, for their love and support; love you guys!


Doughbeater's Homemade Flavored Butter Cookies and More, inspired by family with the support of friends, was designed to give tribute to family members that have and have had a significant positive impact on my life; both sides of my family (Steinrucks and Rogers).

Why the name, Doughbeater's?

Doughbeater is a nickname given to me as a toddler by Ed Rogers, my maternal grandfather, because I was always helping my mom bake. He was the only person to call me that. He loved to play cards and make his grandchildren laugh. He would slap his hand down loudly on the Rummy deck and say, "Be there, baby! Then, if he liked his card, with a toothless grin, would say, "That's summa me". So many great memories of this man.

Lil' Polly's? Polly is my paternal grandmother, 2nd mom, my rock and more; Former school teacher and humble servant of her faith. My sisters say I look and act like her and my dad. She just turned 98 years old and has out-lived all but one of her children. Thank you grandma!

Lil' Billy's? Billy is my dad and inspiration; He loved to go into the kitchen late at night to bake and try new recipes. Self Employed Electrician, loved traveling and the History of the City of Richmond. Losing him was life changing. Miss you always, diddy.

Kimberly's Favorites? self explanatory.

Things 1&2? My kids, of course! Anyone that watched them grow up will understand.

Teapot's Serenity? My granddaughters; One for us (Nana Kim) to enjoy and one for heaven (grandmas Tammy and Sharon) to enjoy. Love you both will all my heart!

Welcome to the Family!!!!!!!